5 Little known Tricks Every Glamorous Woman Who Colors Her Hair Should Know!

Do you ever have those days where you wake up, look in the mirror, and just aren’t feeling yourself? You could be the most glamor woman in the world (pun intended) and still have days where your self-esteem isn't so hot.

It's totally normal!

Women Don’t Get Enough Credit

We have to be tough! The world doesn't stop just because we are in our period or experiencing menopause symptoms.

The kids and their 100 friends still need to be carpooled all around town, and our boss needs us at work early to plan the latest event. 

If Only... ​

Wouldn't it be nice if we can have something consistent in our beauty routine that we have total control over? Yes, I see you nodding your head... Lucky you we do have a little beauty secret for you.

Keep It Quiet

This is just between us though OK?

Well you can share any tips on social media using the hashtag #glamorouswoman if you really want to 😉  (Got to love the self-promo!)

Ok, we won't leave you hanging anymore.

The Secret is Hair-dye

If you have never coloured your hair before of course, you would have questions about it.

The Unknown is Scary!

The #1 reason why children are so afraid of the first day of school is because it is new. They literally don’t have a clue what to expect from their teachers, classmates, lunchtime… anything!

Sure at the end of the day everything ends up working out, but that doesn't eliminate the mornings full of worrying tears.

Okay, we are getting a little side-tracked here. This post isn't about children; it is about what you need to know about dying your hair!

Whether you are a hair dye virgin or pro this post should be very valuable for you.

Pull out a pen and paper and let's begin!

1) Be Prepared For Fading

Let me tell you about the first time I died my hair.

I loved the colour to death, but was extremely surprised at how soon it faded.I paid a good amount of money and just didn't understand why the color seemed to disappear out of nowhere.

I thought I was following all the "rules" and was educated but oh boy I wasn't.

Looking back if I had blogs like this to read I would have been more educated but the Internet really wasn't big back than. #Notamillennial

Turns out my hair dye lasted a pretty standard time, but not being educated it was a total shock to me.

Keep In Mind... 

How long the color lasts you will depend on your lifestyle, day to day activities, shampoo, and hair color.

If you ask me the only way to really get a solid idea of how long your hair color will last is by actually experimenting and see how your hair reacts.

After a few sessions, you will be a pro at knowing your hair!

2) Do Your Research

I always tell my friends they should look through magazines or social media to find hair colors they love.

You guys are my friends exactly why I am letting you in 

Time to get a little philosophical with you guys…

Telling your hairstylist you want to go light brown is not enough. What your brain envisions light brown may be totally different than your hairdressers perspective.

A much better method is to look through social media and magazines to find hair colors you like. Save around 3-5 photos that speak to you and show them to your stylist.

Together you two can chat in order to find a color that you love!!

3) If At First You Don’t Succeed Try Try Again!

Unless you are blessed with good luck it is pretty tricky to totally nail something the first time.

If you aren't digging the final result of your first hair coloring don't completely give up on the idea.

Simply express to your stylist what you don't like about your hair and see how you can improve next time.

Remember, glamorous woman are not quitters!

4) Be Comfortable With The Price

Now depending on how often you need to go for touch-ups can significantly affect your yearly hair appointment bill.

$100 per session may not seem like a lot…

But if your hair a lot of maintenance the price can add up!

I recommend calling a few salons and comparing the pricing and reviews. If you want to go the extra mile you can even look for salons that do regular specials.

5) Highlights Are a Great Starting Point

If you aren't quite ready for the commitment of dying your entire head, getting a few highlights is a fantastic start!

Let me tell you why...

1) They require much less touching up

2) Very affordable!

3) Appear much more natural

4) Less of a commitment

5) You can hide or accentuate them depending on how you style your hair.

I definitely recommend investing in highlights first if you are feeling a bit hesitant about dying your whole head.

You can easily see how your hair reacts to it and how you feel about the color.

If you ask me the coolest benefit of having highlights is you can totally change them by parting and/or styling your hair a certain way.

For me personally my hair looks a totally different color in a ponytail than it does down and I think it is so fun!

Great way to switch it up!

Final Thoughts

Wow, I have been doing a lot of talking, I want to hear from you too!

1) How old where you when you started dying your hair

2) What do you wish you would have known before hand.

3) What colour is your hair right now?

xoxo Glamourous Woman



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