5 Little Mental Tricks To Feel More Confident This Summer

As the seasons change and we turn to Summer, there is something on the top of all of our minds - how can we feel confident this Summer as a woman? After all, 98% of girls feel that there is a great pressure to look a certain way, which challenges our physical to emotional confidence.

​This feeling is even more challenged in the summer months as the weather gets warmer and our clothing changes - from shorter dresses to days on the beach. 

With that said, we’ve pulled together 5 ways that will help you can feel confident this Summer. This will help you be more confident from your body to your emotional well-being. If you really want to feel confident, this comes from within - believing in yourself.

Here are 5 Ways To Feel Confident This Summer as a Woman
1. Invest in clothes that make you feel amazing.

There are some items of clothing that make you feel amazing - and others that don’t. For example, you might feel beautiful and confident in a gorgeous one-piece bathing suit, but have more feelings of insecurity in a bikini. So, why not wear that gorgeous one-piece that gives you so much confidence?

2. Don’t place your worth on social media.

It’s true - Instagram is the worst app for mental health. This means that people - particularly, young people, are placing their worth on social media; particularly, on Instagram.

When you wake up in the morning, make sure that Instagram isn’t the first app you check. Consider giving yourself a break from social media during the day. Look from within yourself to find happiness.

3. Consider meditation or yoga.

Yoga is a practice that can actually make you happier - it’s true! Consider practicing meditation or yoga once per week during the Summer - you might even extend this to the Fall and Winter months.

4. Surround yourself with positive people.

Nothing is better than having friends nearby who are positive and uplifting. If you surround yourself with negative people, you are likely to absorb this and become just that - negative.

Make time for your friends during the Summer by planning beach days, running activities and patio nights.

5. Sweat, sweat, sweat.

Running and activities such as running releases dopamine, which decreases stress and increases levels of energy. Sweat is the to this success! By performing these sort of activities, you will quickly - and naturally - become a happier person.

We love surrounding ourselves with confident women, and we love it even more when we feel confident as a woman. There are so many ways to become a happier, more fulfilled individual - these are our five most favorite ways to get started.

How do you gain confidence in the Summer months?

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