You Can Also Achieve A Perfect Summer Glow

It happens every summer like clockwork. The new makeup trends arrive, your favorite beauty gurus are sharing all their summer beauty must-haves, and everywhere you look is an article about mastering the season’s go-to look.

And while each year we can expect something new and exciting when it comes to beauty, the one thing that never changes is every woman wanting to achieve that perfect summer glow.

The perfect summer glow is one that makes your skin look like it’s been kissed by the sun.

It’s radiant, it’s luminous, and most importantly, it’s good for your soul.

Okay, maybe not that last bit but, it sure feels that way. But if you’re like any woman who has excitedly anticipated summers steamy arrival, only to be disappointed by skin that is dull or even worse, sunburned instead of sun-kissed, you know difficult getting this glow can be.

Fortunately, there’s hope and there’s help to getting the summer glow of your dreams. And it’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

So, whether you’re a girl that prefers the all natural route or the one that has a makeup stash that rivals your local beauty department, the secret to perfecting your summer glow is just a few routines and beauty products away.

It Begins with… the Skin

When it comes to getting that perfect glow, sure there are countless beauty products that will help you out tremendously, but if the foundation isn’t right, you’re only winning half the battle.

The start to getting the glow is… good skincare!… and this means creating and sticking to a routine that cleanses, nourishes, treats, and protects the skin.

Your summer skincare routine doesn’t have to be super complicated either.

To start, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils and nutrients, which is a quick way to ending up with skin that is dry and dull.

Regardless of your skin type, if you want skin that looks healthy and radiant you need to be moisturizing daily.

Yes, even in the summer.

You can even use a tinted or illuminating moisturizer to give your skin a little boost.

Although toning and exfoliating sometimes get a bad rap for being drying to the skin, when done correctly these steps are essential for helping your skin’s natural glow to shine through.

A good toner can help balance and even your skin’s complexion, while exfoliating helps to remove those dead skin cells which are causing your skin to look dull. The last and maybe the most important part of your glow skin routine is protection.

Nothing can kill your glow before it gets started like sun damage and sunburn.

Not to mention, sun damage is one of the main causes of premature aging and can lead to more serious skin conditions. Always wear SPF and make sure you’re using one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

The Beauty Products and Techniques You’ll Need

Now that skincare is out of the way, it’s on to the fun part: beauty products!

With a good skincare routine you’re setting the foundation for healthy, radiant skin, but if you want to get that real illuminated, sun-kissed glow, that’s where a few products and techniques come in handy.

The bare minimum products you’ll need are a good bronzer, highlighter, and illuminator.

When strategically applied on the face, you can create an instant illuminating glow.

While makeup techniques like contouring are most well known for helping to define your facial features, when it comes to a technique that gives you radiant skin, it’s all about highlighting.

Use your favorite highlighter or illuminator and concentrate on the areas of your face where the light naturally hits. This includes the bridge of your nose, top of your cheekbones, and your forehead.

And as far as your body, investing in a few shimmering body oils and applying them generously is a super easy way to take your skill from dull to radiant.

And remember, drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet.

Trust us, your skin will thank you.

You’re officially ready for an epic summer with a perfect summer glow!

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