Seven Sleek And Sexy Nail Shapes to Spice Up Your Summer

Craving a new look for your nails this summer?

Rather than changing your favorite nail polish shade, experiment with nail shapes to freshen up your look.

A new nail shape can modernize and freshen up your look. Here’s seven sleek nail shapes that you can sport, and how to choose the right shape for you.

Round Nails

Round nails are simple, classic and perfect for low maintenance ladies. Extending only slightly past the nail bed, the round look maintains the natural shape of your nails with its short length and naturally curved edge – a no fuss option for anyone who puts their fingers to work frequently.

Round Nails are Best For: Elongating stubby or short fingers

Wear this Shape With: Any shade of polish will compliment this look, from the boldest brights to sheer nudes.

Oval Nails

This feminine look can be found on runways, elongating nails in width and length. If you want to slim the appearance of your fingers, this is the option for you. With blunt, delicate looking tips, oval nails make your hands look longer.

Oval Nails are Best For: Fingers with wide nail beds and long fingernails

Wear this Shape With: Nail art

Square Nails

Square nails are a cute look that doesn’t take too much effort to maintain because the tips are filed flat. Filed short as well, these nails won’t break easily so you don’t have to stress about keeping them in tact.

Square Nails are Best For:Shorter fingers with wide nail beds

Wear this Shape With: High shine solid shades

Sqouval Nails

Part oval, part square, this shape features naturally curved, soft edges that aren’t too round or too sharp, creating a look that is less intense than square yet still looks nicely manicured. The shape of these nails make a great canvas for simple nail art.

Squoval Nails are Best For:These nails are universally flattering for all hand shapes and sizes.

Wear this Shape With: Cream finish pastels or geometric nail art

Coffin/Ballerina Nails

This is a slim, long shape squared off at the tip, creating a look that resembles a coffin or ballerina slippers. If you have naturally long sturdy nails or are OK with getting fake ones, this is the perfect look for ladies who want to try something cutting edge and unconventional.

Coffin Nails Are Best For:Nail enthusiasts, particularly acrylics.

Wear this Shape With:Simple nail art or pale neutrals

Almond Nails

If you’re looking to take oval nails further, try almond shaped nails. Narrow nails that end at a rounded point elongates the hands, making them look more slender. This is a modern look marked by slim sides that meet with a rounded point.

Almond Nails Are Best For: Long, slim fingers

Wear this shape with: Neutral polishes with a metallic element

Stiletto Nails

Yes, stilettos are undeniably cool, but this extremely long nail shape (hence the name stiletto) with pointy tips is extremely high maintenance. Functioning on a daily basis is even hard with this nail shape. If this shape is calling your name, I suggest you look for pointy press on nails to experiment before you file your nails.

Stiletto Nails Are Best For: Elongating nails and fingers

Wear This Shape With: Tasteful designs or sheer shades.

Experimenting with different nail shapes is fun and can give you that new look you’ve been craving this summer.

The best part about nail shapes is that they compliment the size and shape of your hands. For example, I just mentioned that stiletto nails elongate nails and fingers, which is an awesome attribute if you feel as if your hands are short and stubby.

What nail shape do you wear now?

Which would you like to try out?

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