Stop Buying Clothes Online Until You Read This…

Here is a solid question for you.

Why is it that I always open up my overflowing closet and never find anything to wear!

Those are definitely the days I daydream of being super rich and famous enough to have a personal stylist pull the latest clothes for me. Is that to much to ask?

Don’t give me those judgey eyes, I know you have had that thought at least once.

I LOVE Shopping

I don’t think I am at the point where it is considered an addiction because I know when to stop…

But I have been in situations where my shopping may have gotten a little out of control and my wallet just needed a nap.

Here is Where it Gets Interesting

When I shop for clothing in person I am a lot better at being realistic.

It isn’t even that I spend less money. I am much better at keeping the items out of my shopping cart that don’t serve a purpose in my life.

Even if a cool product is only a few dollars, those purchases add up!

Suddenly the director of the TLC show Hoarders is begging you to be on the show.

Although that would be very exciting and my Instagram followers would probably double, being a hoarder is not on my to-do list.

Let Me Guess

I’d say about 90% of you guys shop online.

I mean why wouldn’t you? Shopping online has so many amazing benefits!

You can shop your heart out at home in PJS eating ice cream out of the carton.

Doesn’t get much better than that!

There are some things you have to consider when shopping online that you don’t have to worry about in store.

Wondering what those are? well, here ya go!

Check The Currency:

I can’t even tell you how many times I have purchased clothes online thinking it was American pricing when it really wasn’t.

Yes, it was outlined on the site, I just was so excited about my purchases I honestly didn’t even notice.

You know how I eventually figured it out?

Well, let’s just say when I checked my credit card bill a few weeks later I had a little surprise.

These things can happen but they are so avoidable if you just pay close attention to all the details before placing your order.

Exactly why I stopped purchasing off my phone!

If you have super epic eyes and don’t know the meaning of the word squint you’re fine.

But reading important details off tiny screens is not my cup of tea!

The point of the story is, before you order anything online be clear how the pricing works!

Shipping Prices:

Have you shopped on a website with super low prices and as a result your cart was virtually overflowing?

Yes, me too!

By the end of your little virtual shopping trip, you have 10 things in your cart under 100 bucks and are so proud of yourself for the amazing deals you snagged.

Sure, you may be getting a great deal on the products, but pay attention to the shipping charge.

Make sure the exciting deal still makes sense with shipping, just saying…

Be Prepared For Sizing Issues.

Now, this only has to do with shopping on sites you aren’t familiar with.

But come on new sites are the most exciting ones right?

So Confusing!

Isn’t it crazy how in certain stores, you are a 4 and other stores you are an 8!?

Why stores operate this way I have no idea.

But it is the reality of the shopping world.

The dream would be if every clothing store on earth met together and just decided on a universal sizing plan.

Maybe one day us Glamorous Women family can put together a petition and make that happen.

I am rooting for us!

Anyways, if you are looking to buy clothing online and aren’t clear on the sizing I highly recommend you search YouTube and look for reviews of the store.

This way you can see what size the reviewer ordered and get a better idea on what would work for you.

Check The Return Policy:

Most of the bigger online shops are great about their return policy.

But I have noticed many smaller stores are not so great return policy wise.

Some stores only allow returns to be done in store. Not the biggest deal…

However, if you are an international shopper this isn’t really an option for you.

Again all of these stories have a similar theme. Check the store policy!!

Subscribe for Coupons:

Most of these “warning” signs have been a little on the negative side, but don’t worry we threw a positive one into land on a happy note.

Even if you aren’t a huge newsletter person, subscribing to key newsletters is definitely worthwhile.

Lots of online shops send coupon codes to their newsletter subscribers that are hard to find anywhere else.

If you are going to shop there anyways why not get a coupon code right?

The 15% you save you can be put towards buying shoes to go with your new dress!

Now if you don’t mind I got to go, I think the UPS guy just rang my doorbell with my latest delivery.

Xoxo Glamourous Woman

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